ACO 2020 Season Launch

ACO 2020 Season Launch

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For the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s 2020 Season Launch, Substance was engaged to design a suite of animations that would encapsulate the season, set to 6 pieces of music hand-picked by ACO musicians. Accompanying each would be a personal note from the musician, explaining what it meant to them and its significance to the 2020 season. The music and these stories would form our inspiration in creating intriguing, experimental, and emotive films. In the spirit of true artistic expression, we then partnered with leading motion artists around the world to create these films. Designs were used throughout the campaign’s print and digital media – poster key art, the season programme, the ACO website and social channels, tickets, and other collateral.


Production Company:
Substance CD:
Scott Geersen
Design Direction:
Nidia Dias, Martina Stiftinger, Helen Hsu, Rich Nosworthy, Rory McLean, Scott Geersen
Performed by the ACO