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TVC: Design, Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics

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Working with Reckitt Benckiser and Euro RSCG, the LaB Sydney was asked to design the characters, environments, and indeed the entire look for new, global Airwick TVCs. The result (10 weeks from pre-production to final delivery) pushes the Airwick franchise to a new level of detail and personification – a quality yet to be seen in Airwick commercials from any other country. My role in this project was to bring the scent of Airwick to life, using animated swirls, sparkles, and “fairy dust”. Focusing on the inviting nature of the scented oil, a major problem was how to demonstrate the product’s functionality and allure. I worked on the visualisation of the oil slowly and continuously emanating a golden, vivacious fragrance, with just the right amount of warmth, floral tone and effervescence. Inspiration for the design of the scent was drawn from typographic fluerons, which I animated in After Effects. Comps used Maya cameras in AE with render passes and holdout mattes, in order to place miniature zephyrs of scent swirls in 3D space and interact with characters and environments. The size, placement, frequency of animation, and amount of scent were all subjects of much discussion… The result is without a doubt one of the best looking Airwick commercials that RB has received to date, and certainly “the best Air Wick animals ad that will run in Australia.” – Grace Liljemark, category manager at Reckitt Benckiser

Featured In:

Inside Film Issue 122 (July 2009) Digital Media World


Creative Director:
Garry Jacques
Senior Compositor:
Bertrand Polivka
Compositing/Animation/Motion Graphics:
Scott Geersen
Concept/Character Design:
Daniel Bavell
3D Lead:
Clinton Downs
3D Artists:
The LaB Sydney
Linda Lum
You can read more about the process behind this commercial here: DMW Article on Airwick: Not So Empty Nest


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