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I was asked to pitch a full re-brand for the Channel Nine TV docudrama series Animal Rescue – a show in dire need of a design rescue. The pitch included a title sequence, straps, intersitials, and bumpers, amongst other broadcast devices. The concept I presented was a series of vignettes of a rescue volunteer’s desk and the stories and investigations they are a part of. Jump cuts and camera flashes move us both forward in time and from location to location, and we see details of stories, case notes, and articles – examples both cruel and heart-warming. Extreme rescues are highlighted throughout the sequence in hand-written notes and photographic details such as mugshots found inside case files, culminating in the final shot of a manilla file closing to reveal a redesigned Animal Rescue logo on the cover. Boards were created within After Effects to make full use of camera simulation, depth of field, lighting, and a 3D Environment. This is my preferred method of board creation and can lend that extra zing to designs which would have lacked life if they were created entirely in 2D applications like Photoshop. Both the network and Animal Rescue loved the designs, but in the end left their decision too late to put this into production.


Scott Geersen
Additional pitch assistance:
Jess Morgan
Linda Lum


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