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TVC: VFX, Compositing, Greenscreen (Flame)

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The only thing “odd” about this TVC was pinning down exactly what size to make Glen. Working closely with Cutting Edge VFX Supervisor Simon Maddison, I tracked and composited multiple live-action plates, with passes for motion, background, Glen, and foreground characters. Occasionally extra details were added to the scene to emphasise Glen’s size, or provide a (power)point of comparison. For example, on the washing machine, I replaced the control panel, added power sockets to the wall, added interactive lighting and shadows from both Glen and the woman, and spliced an oversize washing machine prop into a true-scale laundry. Outside, I added shadows and lighting effects, additional colour matching, as well as handheld camera motion.


RAPP/DDB Melbourne
Scott Otto Anderson
Production Company:
VFX Supervisor:
Simon Maddison
VFX, Compositing:
Scott Geersen, Karen Fabling
Viv Baker
Andrew Kimberly
Jane Reynolds, Bronwyn Ketels


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