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Working on Bonds commercials is tough. Being forced to look at rollergirls in bikinis… all day? Puh-leez. I didn’t get into this industry for perks like this, but I’m certainly not going to complain. With retro roller girls in underwear and long socks shot in HD on greenscreen, I was staring down the barrel (figuratively speaking) of whole lot of very thorough keying and roto, for whole lot of girls. Girls rolling, dancing, air-guitaring. Girls in underwear. Was I going to let any of it bring me down? No. Here are some words that could be used to describe my methods on this job: Meticulous. Diligent. Industrious. Rigorous. Um. Painstaking? I also had to carefully paint “fuller busts” for those girls who didn’t quite fill out, and digitally smooth A LOT of wrinkles in underwear. See how smooth those crotches are? I can say that with a straight face because I smoothed them myself. In total we produced one 30′ and two 15′s for this campaign for director James Brown at Stink.TV and Campaign Palace. Life’s hard. Hilariously, this TVC was ripped off by it’s own agency for a Target bonds promo a year later.

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Campaign Palace
James Brown @ Stink
Lead Flame:
Marcus Bolton
Scott Geersen
LaB Producer:
Linda Lum
15 to 20 by The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band


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