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TVC/Web Viral: Compositing, VFX (Flame)

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Bundaberg Rum is a brand with a history of ingenious thinking – as demonstrated by its very invention in 1888 as an ingenious solution to a molasses surplus. But not many people know about that… So Leo Burnett approached Cutting Edge and myself with the objective of re-establishing Bundaberg Rum as a brand that stood for ingenious thinking, and thereby connecting with a younger, more intelligent audience. The solution was The Think Tank – an online platform where people could submit their most bothersome conundrums, which would be transformed into ingenious solutions and then filmed. To launch Think Tank we created a film featuring Bundaberg’s founding Sugar Miller, explaining the Think Tank and asking people to join in and submit their conundrums. For myself and the other compositors, this involved a few greenscreens and a bit of brain-lashing of our own – in that while the Miller had to appear as if could really be in a variety of improbable scenarios within the same monologue, he couldn’t appear too perfectly integrated in any of them! The Think Tank has so far had over 76,000 views on Youtube. Featured on: Best Ads on TV, Trendhunter


Robin Walters
Leo Burnett
Simon Njoo
Yoomin Lee
Lead Flame/VFX:
Scott Geersen
Steve Leacy, Hugo Saunders, Hugh Seville
Abby Buick
Production Company:
Curious Film
Song Zu


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