TVC / Interstitials / Channel Idents: Design, Compositing

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Cartoon Network has had many rebrands recently – from both Brand New School and Capacity. But the original and the best was Animal Logic’s “Downtown” branding of the Cartoon Network universe. Elements from almost every show on CN were interpreted in 3D, and a highly detailed “downtown” backlot was designed and built from scratch. Bold, comic, rubbery yet realistic, the animation transports the audience into a 3D universe inhabited by more than 50 of our favourite characters. The downtown set was developed as the hub where different cartoon worlds collide and where different show’s characters interact. In total more than 50 characters were placed into this world, complete with shopping malls, subways, theatres, and roads filled with Mystery machines, rocket cars, and giant robots. Over 3 years, more than 72 minutes were created; a staggering amount comprised of mostly five and nine second bumper elements. The work is currently seen in 86.4 million US homes and has been potentially carried to 145 countries around the world, including Australia and China. I was a designer and compositor on this project throughout 2006. This involved tracking characters and shadows into 3D environments using camera data, shading characters to match lighting and environments, matte painting backdrops, skies, textures, and props, creating atmospheric and other effects, and other forms of comp trickery.


Art Director:
Fletch Moules
Scott Geersen
Animal Logic