Coke Summer 2009: image01

TVC: Design, Direction, Animation, Compositing (After Effects), Edit, Shoot Supervision

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My 2nd Coke Summer promo TVC, with previous work completed in 2007. Creative Director Garry Jacques pitched a vision of stop-motion scenes that literally cascaded, unfolded, flipped out, and collapsed upon themselves, in a waterfall of paper textures, cutouts, and photocopies, all within a 3D world. I was asked to bring this vision to life and add my own design and animation style to the mix, to create the 15s TVC for the Summer 2009 promotion. Using a restricted yet Summer-driven colour palette that complements the Coke brand, the animation slams into heat-waved, summery being with a frenetic burst of graphic activity. Silhouettes and illustrations add to a jumpy, pop-art feel that combines the the retro with the contemporary. Scenes are linked only abstractly – scale, depth, and gravity are all defied in this whirlwind tour of Summer on the Coke Side of Life. For this Coke spot I was also responsible for shoot supervision (including on-set edit and proofing), offline edit, the majority of design and animation, and all compositing.


Garry Jacques
Shoot Supervision:
Garry Jacques
Scott Geersen
Thomas Kayser
Scott Geersen
Design, Animation, Compositing:
Scott Geersen
Additional elements:
Jessica Morgan
Kanin Phemayothin
Ferry Taswin
Linda Lum


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