Coopers Clear - Ghost: image01

TVC: Compositing, VFX (Flame)

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What do Patrick Swayze and and Cooper’s Clear have in common? They’re both AWESOME. This spec ad for Coopers parodies a scene from the acclaimed 90’s film “Ghost”. Director Craig Rasmus (The Feds) asked me to add chilled fog, light effects, god rays, and particles, and completely rebuild a Coopers bottle and background plate for an enticing end pack shot. Coopers is Australia’s sole remaining family-owned brewery, producing mostly ales as well as beers. “Clear” is perhaps the most well-known of their line up: crisp, easy-drinking and refreshing – not just a summer beer.


Craig Rasmus
Scott Maclean
Substance / Scott Geersen
Cath Duroux
Production Company:
The Feds
Executive Producer:
Michael Cook


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