Finish Quantum: image01

TVC: Animation, Compositing (Nuke, After Effects)

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Viewed from the upper atmosphere, a rising sun crests the earth’s horizon, momentarily blinding us. As the sun continues to rise and the camera sweeps further into space, we see that the earth is actually just a reflection seen in a crystal-clear wine glass. Note that this isn’t a true representation of our lives and the universe, but an exaggeration for the purposes of selling Finish. It is, however, a nice metaphor. Highlights play over the surface of the glass as it is revealed in full. Light flares to camera, and we see the Quantum logo revealed in a sparkling crystal blue. This was a compositing and animation job I undertook as Design Director, using Nuke and After Effects. Nuke took care of the heavy lifting, with AE used as support for lens flares, particles, and additional effects.


Creative Director:
Garry Jacques
Compositing / 2D Animation / Motion Graphics:
Scott Geersen
3D Artists:
The LaB Sydney


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