Firies Title Sequence: image01

Title Sequence: VFX, Compositing (Flame)

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Working with Design Director Mike Williamson through Engine, Substance was asked to online and provide VFX and compositing for the Firies title sequence, a reality series based on Australian firefighters. The juxtaposition of frantic SFX and graceful slow motion highlighted how calm our firefighters are in chaotic situations. Taking raw, ungraded footage shot on RED, Substance Flame Artist (no puns!) Scott Geersen colour balanced plates of the Firies and smoke/flame elements, reframing and layering to create more dramatic compositions. The Firies seem almost lost in the Smoke, or emerge from walls of flame, as their movements are punctuated by staccato blasts of radio static accompanied by flickers of sparks and tongues of fire.


Mike Williamson
Production Company:
Substance/Scott Geersen
Renee Cooper


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