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Feature Film: Compositing (Flame/After Effects)

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Australian Shane Abbess’s directorial debut was a sci-fi film produced without government funding and on a very low budget – roughly $150k – proving that craft, innovation and passion can deliver without big money. Set in purgatory, it follows the Archangel Gabriel’s fight to rid purgatory of the evil Fallen and save the souls of its inhabitants. Signed by Sony, it was later released in US cinemas in 2008. Shot on a JVC GY-HD101E digital video camera, there were a large amount of greensceen scenes that were complicated by the HDV compression present. I had several of these scenes to composite, including a romantic interlude in Gabriel’s loft hideout… as well as a few gun battles. With some work done in flame, most of my compositing for this film was then completed in After Effects. “I’m incredibly humbled and inspired by the blood, sweat, tears and ultimate sacrifice that went into bringing this story to the big screen and I hope you enjoy going back to a time in cinema that I found truly unforgettable.” – Shane Abbess (Director) “Technically accomplished and visually arresting”.Urban Cinefile


Shane Abbess
VFX Supervisor:
Steve Anderson
VFX Producer:
Mathew Graham
Scott Geersen
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