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TVC: Compositing, VFX, Matte Painting (Flame)

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As part of a fully integrated campaign, this launch TVC, directed by Plaza’s Paul Middleditch, plays with the idea that most of the things we that we imagine going wrong never actually happen – but it’s still nice to know that if something does happen, GIO is the one we can trust to protect us. Even if someone does steal the dog biscuits… VFX work in Flame had it’s standout moments – particularly the complete destruction of the family home using the exhaust from a space rocket, launched Thunderbirds-style from a hatch in the front lawn, and of course giving the dog a subtle “did-I-just-see-that?” smile. Additional work included plate cleanups, trombone/zolly effects (smoothing and warping), dream sequences, and tracking the cricket into the TV.


Paul Middleditch
Leo Burnett
Agency ECD:
Andy DiLallo
VFX Supervisor:
Ron Roberts
Scott Geersen
Matte Painter:
Richard Deavin
David Brown, Jake Hempson, Tom King, Ben Swinbanks
VFX Producer:
Kat Webb
Abby Buick
Production Company:
Plaza Films
Sound Design:
Song Zu


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