Hyundai i20 - Going Places:  image01

TVC: Design, Art Direction, Animation, Compositing (After Effects)

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Finalist: AEAF Awards 2011 Finalist: Create:Design Awards 2011 With style frames worked up by the Lab Sydney, Substance director Scott Geersen took over as Design Director to lead and oversee the creation and animation of “Fuel Gauge world”, and other design elements worked on by the design team to feature in the other worlds that the i20 drives though on it’s journey. Environments were designed and built in a number of packages with a number of artists. For Example, Eco world used Maya and Nuke, while Fuel Gauge world was entirely designed and built in After Effects. Design elements included animated speaker textures passed to 3D to build Speaker world, pop-art style textures, animated graphic elements for the tunnel sequence, and sketch-style product highlight frames for the interior of the car. In each case, the i20 was lit on set with the final design of each location firmly in mind. Shot partly on the Sony F35 and partly as stills (interior of the car), the final piece is graphical, vibrant, and and high energy, captivating and dynamic – much like the i20 itself.


Dael Oates
Production Company:
Prodigy Films
VFX Supervisor:
Marcus Bolton
Design Director:
Substance / Scott Geersen
Scott Geersen, Jessica Morgan, Ben Crick, Chris Cooper
Scott Geersen, Jessica Morgan (After Effects)
Marcus Bolton (Flame), Bertrand Polivka (Nuke)
Clinton Downs, Kanin Phemothayin, Ferry Taswin, Peter Kober
Vincent Taylor


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