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TVC: Shoot Supervision

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I regularly perform VFX Supervisor duties on set, and Mizone is just one example of the supervising I have done for commercials and longform productions that involve 3D and a lot of 3D-related data. This complex 3D and live action effects job was shot by Nick Robertson for Clemenger BBDO Sydney, demonstrating the effectiveness of the re-hydrating properties of Mizone by showing a tennis player drying out and shattering to clay and dust as the game proceeds. While most shoots that I attend in a VFX supervisor capacity are design-based with some 3D and some liveaction (for example, greenscreen shoots), this was a very 3D-intensive job. HDRI using chrome and grey balls, texture photography, camera/lens and light data and continuity, and reference of talent, equipment, and environment were all required, without interfering with the workflow of the director or DOP. Additionally, a body and head scan was done of the actor so that an accurate 3D model could be made to allow the transition from live action to 3D clay man.


Nick Robertson
Plaza Films
VFX Supervisor:
Scott Geersen
Senior Compositor:
Naomi Anderlini
Post Modern


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