Liquid Hair: image01

Fashion: Compositing, VFX, Beauty (Flame)

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Stands of glossy gold drip and glide across the screen, flaxen rivulets swell, spring, become blonde eruptions… surging, sweeping, and subsiding to drift lazily in warm currents once more, tendrils of soft platinum circulating in tawny streams. This experiment from world-renowned director Tony Potts and hair stylist Ken Arthur was shot at 2000fps using the WEISSCAM HS-2 Highspeed Camera and cut to show off new techniques for the hair and beauty scene. We see no sign of perspex rods, hair wranglers, or an army of hairspray-wielding maniacs. Flyaways are left intact – and in fact these errant and wayward strings are what gives such subtle beauty to this film.


Tony Potts
Garry Wapshott
Hair Stylist:
Ken Arthur
Film Editor:
Joe Morris
Edit Assit:
Kelly Searancke
Scott Maclean
Substance / Scott Geersen
Chris King
Red Apple
Thanks to Natalie Archer and Ines English from Chic Management. Audio: Sigur Ros – Svefn-G-Englar Featured on FashionTV Cover Feature of Asia Image Magazine, February 2013


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