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Pitch: Design, Animation, Compositing (After Effects)

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For the Centenary of the NRL (one of Australia’s football/rugby codes, for you yanks and geezers) I was asked to pitch concepts that would show the history of the game combined with the excitement of modern matches. Specifically, I was asked to recreate an effect similar to that of U2’s music video “Window in the Skies”, whereby photos are broken into z-space and cameras are flown continuously through scene after scene. Politely, NRL Australia wished to “appropriate” the look and feel of this music video. I was supplied with high-res stills of iconic players and moments from the game’s history, along with a collection of game paraphernalia. These items were spread over a virtual desk, with photos on the desk behaving like 3D windows into each scene with the illusion of depth and space. We pass through one of the windows into a scene that contains a multitude of team supporters, as captain after captain raises the premiership trophy. Teams were shot on greenscreen for a previous series of commercials, and I was fortunate to have these on hand to build this scene, which would have otherwise been impossible to shoot.


Design, Animation, Compositing:
Scott Geersen


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