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TVC: Design, Direction, Animation, Compositing, Shoot Supervision, Flame

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There’s nothing better for your reel than a job about sexually transmitted diseases. Working out of the Lab Sydney, Substance was presented with a pre-designed print ad by NSW Health, and asked to explore animation options. We directed 3D animators and shot footage of Lab staff on greenscreen, then brought all the elements together to create an oozy, icky 3D ride through a web of sexual connections. NSW Health were very particular about some odd things… the level of wetness for example (sadly, not allowed!), colour, and the design of the “sperm-tree” were all the subjects of many discussions. We also repurposed this 15′ commercial to work as digital signage, reformatted (re-rendered, reanimated, and re-comped) for portrait proportions to play on upright LCD screens in pubs, clubs, and shopping malls. Animation was was also re-used in a 30s version of the ad around live-action cuts.


Creative Director (Lab):
Garry Jacques
Direction, Design, AE:
Scott Geersen
Scott Geersen
Ferry Taswin, Kevin Blom, Ian Watson
Linda Lum
George Patterson Y&R, Sydney


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