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TVC: Compositing, VFX (Flame)

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If stuffed animals started coming to life in any other scenario you may well think someone slipped you some LSD. In this case, you’re simply a baby dosed up on Nurofen for Children. Live action and puppetry combine with some clever camera tricks and VFX in this TVC for director Clemens Habicht. The imaginary world of a child is created – complete with sock monkeys, alphabet caterpillars, and… blanket monsters! Luckily, with the help of Nurofen for Children, these duvet-devils prove harmless in the end. To meet tight deadlines and a long list of revisions, Collider called on Cutting Edge to assist with VFX and cleanup. In Flame, I stabilised tracks, smoothed cameras, replaced book covers back and front, cleaned up blanket monsters and changed their colours, and pack replaced for both AU/NZ versions.


Clemens Habicht
Scott Geersen
Yoomin Lee
Production Company:
VFX Producer:
Jo Gregory


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