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TVCs/Content: Art Direction, Design, VFX, Compositing (Flame/After Effects)

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RECKON is a cloud based accounting system, similar to Xero or MYOB. These online and TVC animated explainers focus on an actual fledgling business that trades with both the public and B2B, and by using simplified animated UI elements, show how easy and effective Reckon can be as a business scales. Supplied with UI reference from the Reckon team, Substance simplified and rebuilt assets, breaking down, layering, animating, and adding 3D depth, in addition to tracking everything with the camera in 3D space. For animation and VFX a combination of Autodesk Flame and Adobe After Effects was used. Phone and computer screens were also fully replaced with a web UI animated to match the actions of the 3D graphics.


Alex Housalas
Production Company:
Red Rock Media / Voodoo
Editor / Colourist:
Alex Housalas
Post Production:
VFX/Online (Flame):
Scott Geersen
Motion Graphics (After Effects):
Scott Geersen