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TVC: Compositing, VFX, Matte Painting (Flame)

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It’s not often that casting is asked to find a man in his forties who can spin on his head and pull off the necessary hip hop moves in style. It’s even rarer still to find he’s got two mates with exactly the same skills. Fortunately the Cuban Brothers, a three man physical comedy outfit from England, just happened to be in Australia at the time of shooting. Kid’s got moves. Unfortunately he couldn’t quite spin fast enough to make an impression on the floor, and so director Barney Howells asked if I could do a little something digital to make him cut floor like a b-boy cuts… um… other b-boys? Records? Shoes? 3D sawdust particles, greenscreens, stock footage of dust and debris, and matte paintings of floor cavities all came together in Flame for a performance that sweeps the floor with other papers.


Barney Howells
Lead Flame:
Scott Geersen
Ian Douglas
Dave Brown
VFX Producer:
Jo Gregory
Production Company:
Gods & Monsters


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