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Film: Compositing, VFX (Flame)

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Set on a desolate lighthouse island in 1927, South Solitary is a gentle comic romance about the great human need for companionship. Post production on this film was a matter of changing both scenery and the weather for many of the exterior shots. Violent storms and rough seas batter the island as the story, which Shirley Barrett spent many years researching, begins to unfold, calling for gloomy overcast days and stormy skies. However, the weather throughout the shoot remained persistently fine and sunny, and everyone working on the film recognised that it would require substantial use of visual effects to overcome. Further complicating this was the fact that the lighthouse required historical accuracy, but was not available for shooting. As such every exterior shot also had to have the top of the lighthouse digitally replaced using either models or matte painting. Moving light then had to be animated and tracked in to lighthouses at night. Other VFX work included matte paintings, projections, the insertion of particles and wind into still shots, atmospheric effects, and cleanups for historical accuracy.


Shirley Barrett
Anna Howard
VFX Supervision:
Soren Jenson
Al Hansen
VFX (Flame):
Chris Leaver
Claud Liucci
Will O’Connell
Scott Geersen
Bertrand Polivka
Bryn Farrelly
Matte Painter:
Thomas Kayser
The Lab Sydney


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