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Film: PreVis, Compositing, Design, VFX (Flame)

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Over the course of a year I had the privilege of working direct to Bazmark Inq (Baz Luhrmann’s production company) as part of a 3 person team through Cutting Edge Sydney. First working inside Baz Luhrmann’s iconic and heritage-listed Sydney residence “Iona” (Bazmarq HQ), then later through Fox Studios, I was responsible for pre-vis, compositing, design, and touch-ups for a wide range of stereoscopic shots and sequences throughout the film. Working closely with editorial and DI, I created previs for a variety of bluescreen shots, as well as placing and iterating rough VFX for editorial and review sessions. Closer to the end of the project, I composited “Poetic Glue” sequences, which included motion-graphics style text overlays, montage effects, transitions, and other storytelling devices, including look-development for the green light and the closing sequence of the film. A highlight of this project was the rare pleasure of being directed in Flame sessions by Baz Luhrmann himself – an experience I will not soon forget!


The Great Gatsby – Trailer from Cinema Mundial on Vimeo.

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