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TVC: Compositing (Flame), Chocolate Eating

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Arnotts and director Marcelle Lunam brought TimTams to the Lab Sydney (not literally, there were no biscuits to eat) after already having tried out a slow-motion chocolate concept at several other post houses with only limited success. Our brief was to make the gooey dark chocolate look as irresistible as possible… Shot at 1000 fps on a Phantom camera, the dark chocolate (it’s real chocolate, people, not brown paint like some other chocolate ads) was framed against the golden brown backgrounds that had been previously approved for the TVC, and shot in multiple passes for different elements. But wait – you want to combine multiple chocolate passes? And crumbs? And colour-correct it all? And then smooth out the chocolate so it appears deliciously silky and gooey? And the source footage is all brown on other shades of brown? Alright then. Marcus Bolton and I worked in Flame to tackle the complex keying and roto (not so easy) of the brown bits, and layering and delicious-ifying (very easy). This way, the best takes of chocolate could be mixed and matched, and every frame designed and composed perfectly over asteroid belts of biscuit crumbles. We did ask for multiple packs of biscuits for reference, but they must have seen through our cunning plan.


Marcelle Lunam
Lead Flame:
Marcus Bolton
Scott Geersen
Linda Lum


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