Toyota Camry TSA: image01

TVC: Design, Direction, Boards, Animation, Typography, Motion Graphics (After Effects)

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Substance was asked by the LaB Sydney and their sister company Oktobor to help out in a pinch with some Camry commercials. With two commercials already animated and approved by Oktober, Substance was brought in to completely board, design and animate the third TVC. While the Oktobor TVCs (designed by Jonny Kofoed) made use of some clever 3D, we had to take a different path due to time constraints. The decision was made to fake 3D in After Effects with a few clever techniques and a LOT of expressions. The result is a purely typographic commercial that represents the main concepts of the Toyota Service Advantage without resorting to any images, save for the final reveal of the cars in the end-frame. The TVC was an absolute pleasure to work on, as the opportunity for a purely typographic commercial is rare. While this TVC could be described as kinetic typography, the type in this case illustrates more abstract concepts and ideas, rather than simply echoing the voice over exactly. As such the storyboard phase was highly involved, as representing some of the more abstract concepts while maintaining a visual flow from idea to the next, turned out to be quite a puzzle.


Publicis Mojo Sydney
Scott Geersen
Direction/Art Direction:
Scott Geersen
Additional Compositing:
Eric Shaecter
Design Assistant:
Jessica Morgan
Linda Lum
Production Company:
Oktobor Auckland


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